Phil V.
Phil is the Co-Director of Underscore Games. Outside of work, Phil is studying Unreal, coding, and piano. Phil also likes to play Ultimate Frisbee and video games. Three items that he couldn't live without include his friends, candy, and his computer.
Daniel R.
Daniel Rabinovich works as the Co-Director here at Underscore Games. When he's not working on Underscore Games, he works as a marketer and UX intern at two software firms. Three items that he couldn't live without include Ultimate Frisbee, BLT sandwiches, and his camera.
Louis T.
Louis Tovar is the Technical Game Director for Underscore Games. Creating games have been a persistent presence in his life, from his early days on graphic calculators and flash content to professional days at Zynga and Amazon. In his spare time, Louis likes to tinker with software and hardware projects, as well as, explore the vast pools of indie content on the internet. He couldn't imagine living without the internet, a computer, and curiosity.
Devin K.
Devin Kornhaus works as the Creative Director here at Underscore Games. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts and Animation with an art background in traditional media. He spends his time outside work with his wife, Erin, his dog, Jax, and his two cats, Nico and Dahlia. He adores cinema, well-crafted comedy television, and strategy and role playing video and tabletop games.
Marco G.
Marco Gamino is our Lead Editor and Creative Writer here at Underscore Games. When he's not writing or playing RPG's he's either running a D&D session or watching Fútbol (according to him it's not soccer).
Conall B.
Conall is a Designer who loves losing casual and competitive games. Outside of work, he plays Quidditch and competes nationally. 3 things he cant live without are his phone, a set of dice, and his headphones.
Thomas M.
Thomas Mahoney works as a Co-Lead Game Designer of Underscore Games. Outside of work, Thomas loves to write- whether it be D&D one shots or campaigns, game scripts, or short stories. Other than that, he enjoys watching the stars with his Orion Dobsonian 7’’ telescope. Three items he can’t live without are his Computer, Android, and Orion.
Alex Z.
Hi I am Alex!
Priscella S.
Priscella is one of the writers on the team. Outside of work she's a film and anthropology student who works on sets, scripts, and excavations.
Cassandra S.
Cassandra is a game designer here at Underscore games. She is an animator, cosplayer, and hiker outside of work. She also can’t live without her tea, her iPad and her cats. If you want to see any of her other work you can check it out on her website at:
Bahaa A.
Bahaa is one of the Digital Artists of the team. He is a huge gym rat, car enthusiast, loves playing soccer with the boys and a big Manchester United fan.
Rigatoni G.
Hello I am Rigatoni.
Luke C.
Luke Comstock is a game developer and graphic designer for Underscore Games. You can find him pursuing creative projects ranging from traditional printmaking to digital illustration in his spare time. Three things he couldn't live without include: Audiobooks, TTRPGs, and at least four independent creative outlets.